Paper Presentation

23-27 JUNE


Session 1 (Lecture Theatre 1A)
Documentation, Education and Heritage of the Performing Arts
24 June 13:45

Active Archiving at the National Theatre: Creating a Collection from Parallel Practice with Till the Stars Come Down (2024)
  • Ms Erin LEE (UK) – Head of Archive, National Theatre of Great Britain

Inside the Archives of a Theatre School: A Case Study of Documentation Practises and Specificities in the University of Ottawa’s Department of Theatre Archive
  • Ms Alexandra BERALDIN (CA) – Lecturer, Ecole EAC – Marché de l’art, Culture, Patrimoine, Luxe in Paris

Intercultural Spectacle and the Challenges of Archiving Asian Shakespeare Performances: A|S|I|A as a Case Study
  • Mr DONG Qingchen (MY) – PhD Candidate, Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Dr Arbaayah Ali TERMIZI (MY) – Associate Professor, Department of English, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia 

Unearthing Hidden Treasure: A Saga of Cataloguing
  • Ms Jane PRITCHARD (UK) – Curator of Dance, Victoria and Albert Museum

Making the Traditional Asian Performing Arts Accessible to a Modern Audience: The Osaka Bunraku Workshop Experience
  • Dr Seiko SHIMURA (JP) – Associate Professor, Faculty of Music, Department of Music, Soai University
  • Dr. Robin RUIZENDAAL (NL) – Artistic Director of the Taiyang Theatre Company
Opera Rara and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama: The Foyle Opera Rara Collection: Lessons in Heritage, Creativity, and Collaboration
  • Mr Henry LITTLE (UK) – Chief Executive of Opera Rara
  • Prof Roger PARKER (UK) – Professor of Music, Emeritus, King’s College London
  • Ms Judith DRAY (UK) – Head of Library Services, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
  • Ms Mandie GARRIGAN (UK) – Library assistant, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

Building Archives within Dance Arts Organisations : Frameworks and Challenges
  • Mx Andi JOHNSON (US) – PhD Student in Dance at De Montfort University

Reimaging Dance Archives Online
  • Dr Bethany JOHNSTONE (UK) – Researcher at University College London (UCL)

Squaring the Circle: Dance, Dance Archives and Dance Archiving in Luxembourg
  • Ms Daniela LIEB (LU) – Researcher, Centre national de littérature/ Lëtzebuerger Literaturarchiv, Mersch (Luxembourg)
A Horror Story on Theatre Archiving in Hong Kong – The “Vanished” Theatre Ensemble
  • Mr William Wai Yam CHAN (HK) – Lecturer, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwun Tong)

The Theatre Collection in the Netherlands and the Representation of Asian People in their Circus Collection
  • Mr Hans van KEULEN  (NL) – Curator/ Performing Arts Team Leader, Allard Pierson Museum/ University of Amsterdam

(Multiple) Archives and the Reinterpretation of Theatre Historiography: The Case of Peking Opera in Brazil
  • Dr  Esther MARINHO SANTANA (BR) – Postdoctoral Researcher, University of São Paulo and São Paulo Research Foundation 

Sound and Vision: Unwrapping the David Bowie Archive
  • Ms Harriet REED (UK) – Curator of Contemporary Performance, Victoria and Albert Museum, UK

The Théâtre du Soleil and its Atypical Collection and Conservation: A Living Anarchive
  • Ms Aliénor FERNANDEZ  (FR) – PhD Candidate, Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3 France  
“Bridging the Gap between the Specialists and the Ordinary Citizens of the World”: Reflections on the Role of Theatre Museums, Archives and Libraries through Time
  • PD Dr Nic LEONHARDT (DE) – Fellow at the Käte Hamburger Research Centre global dis:connect in Munich

We need each other! Dialogue Structures and User Participation in the Performing Arts Collections
  • Mr Franziska VOSS  (DE) – Project Leader, University Library Frankfurt am Main

Sharing is Caring: Our 1st Live Arts’ Conservation and Dissemination Symposium
  • Ms  Laura ARS (ES) – Museum Heritage and Audience Management Technician, Performing Arts Museum of the Theatre Institute in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Dramaturgies of Collecting and Curating Embodied Practices
  • Mz Jayne BATZOFIN (ZA) – Digital Archivist, University of Cape Town
In the Limelight: The Conservation of Costumes for the V&A Theatre & Performance Galleries
  • Ms Susana FAJARDO (UK/VE) – Senior Preventive Conservator, Victoria and Albert Museum

Heterarchy of Times: Archive Exhibition of On & On Theatre Workshop, Hong Kong
  • Ms Vee LEONG  (HK) – Lecturer (Dramaturgy), School of Drama, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

The Museum of Puppetry Arts in Lyon: From Living Creation to Living Heritage
  • M. Paul RIPOCHE (FR) – Head of the Collections and Documentation Department – Scientific Officer, Museum of Puppetry Arts, Gadagne, Lyon

An Invitation to Play: Embodied Interpretation in the Museum
  • Ms Elizabeth GRAY (UK) – PhD Researcher, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester

3D Digitization of Stage Costumes at the National Library of France
  • Ms Rime TOUIL  (FR) – Digital Curator at the Performing Arts Department, Bibliothèque nationale de France
Exhibiting Interpretation – Restaging Professional Networks
  • Mr Jorit HOPP (DE) – Predoctoral Fellow, Institute for Theatre Studies, Ludwig Maximilians University

Reenactment in the Program of Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival – Curing Late Capitalist Society
  • Mg Naoko KOGO  (JP) – Associate Professor, Division of Arts Studies, Graduate School of Humanities, Osaka University

The Archival Needs of the Artists: Performing Arts and Curatorial Strategies in the 21 Century
  • Dr Anna LAWAETZ (DK) – Senior Researcher, The Royal Danish Library

Reconstructing Historical Literature, Building New Theories, and Creating New directions for Arts education: Taking the History of Hong Kong Wind Band as a Case Study
  • Mr Ka Chun LIN (HK) – Lecturer, The University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education

Interpreting through Exhibition: Breathe In, Breathe Out: Soundscape Curation from the Archive
  • Dr Eva del REY  (ES/UK) – Curator of Drama and Literature Recordings, The British Library
Translating Light: A Reflection on My Creative Dance Practice Informed by Embodied Archives
  • Ms Ivy Yik Chit TSUI  (HK) – Dance Artist

Legacies of ArtsCross: Experience and the Contact Zone in an Intercultural Choreographic Archive
  • Prof Martin Welton (UK) – Professor, Theatre and Performance in the Department of Drama, Queen Mary University of London
  • Prof Christopher Bannerman (UK) – Visiting Professor at London Contemporary Dance School/The Place
  • Prof Rui XU (Mainland) – President, Beijing Dance Academy
  • Prof Rayuan TSENG (TW) – Professor, Department of Dance, Taipei National University of the Arts
  • Prof Anna CY CHAN (HK) – Dean of the School of Dance, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
From Villages to Virtual Spaces: Preserving Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age
  • Dr Vikrant KISHORE  (AU) – Associate Professor, School of International Communications, University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China

How to archive a theatre instant: The Arxiu Lliure of the Teatre Lliure
  • Ms Anabel de la paz GONZALEZ (ES) – Head of Archive, Library and Heritage at the Teatre Lliure, Teatre Lliure de Barcelona

Digital Transformation in Southern Italy’s Music HE system: The MUSIC4D project
  • Prof Michelangelo GALEATI (IT) – Professor, Conservatorio Santa Cecilia Roma
  • Mr Raffaele LONGO (IT) – Expert International Project Manager for the Unit Cooperation & Research at Link Campus University in Rome

Digitizing FESTAC ‘77 and the Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC) Collections in the Era of Globalization: Prospects and Challenges
  • Mr Gideon MORISON (NG) – Research Fellow at the Kate Hamburger Research Centre, Munich

Conservation of the Performing Arts, Digitization of Collections and Accessibility: Two Case Studies of the Centre National du Costume et de la Scène (CNCS) and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF)
  • Ms Elsa BATAILLE-TESTU (FR) – Doctoral Student, Paris 10 Nanterre University
  • All time references are Hong Kong time